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Bubsy doesn't just produce music; he embodies a lifestyle that celebrates edgy and creative fashion. Embracing a concoction of cyberpunk aesthetics, gothic elements, and futuristic couture, he's a living, breathing masterpiece of eclectic artistry. From mainstream trends overlaid with edgy distressing to mechanized accessories, his style is an extension of his music - bold, rebellious, unafraid to challenge conventions, and not just a little fun and playful.

"a versatile electronic music artist who has produced and remixed tracks in rap, pop, and R&B genres... He has a deep understanding of the complexities of emotion."

- Vents Magazine -


Moving Around, Living Life

Born and bred amidst the untamed beauty of Oregon House, CA, Bubsy's childhood was a symphony of melodies intertwined with the serenity of the wilderness. Surrounded by vast landscapes and lush forests, he found solace in the harmonious cadence of nature. Little did he know that these raw, untamed influences would later seep into his music, infusing it with an unmistakable sense of organic allure.


As fate would have it, Bubsy's quest for musical adventure led him to embrace the chaos in New York City. The transition from the tranquility of his humble beginnings to the unrelenting pulse of the urban jungle proved to be a catalyst for his artistic evolution. Like a chameleon, he effortlessly adapted to the fast-paced rhythm of the city, absorbing its eclectic vibes and mirroring its unapologetic energy in his musical creations.


Who Even Is This Guy?!

Bubsy's soundscapes weave a tale of contrasts. He effortlessly melds hauntingly ethereal melodies with basslines that thump like heartbeats, reflecting the city's constant pulse. The lyrics in his songs speak of love woven in heartstrings, of rebellion painted in the roots from his hometown, and of feelings that shatter boundaries. Like an alchemist of sound, he distills his diverse influences into an enchanting elixir that speaks to both the misfit souls of the underground and the dreamers in the mainstream.


For Bubsy, music and fashion are inseparable expressions of his artistry. Just as his beats defy norms, his fashion choices challenge conventional boundaries. His stage presence is a living masterpiece of sartorial rebellion - clad in cyberpunk elegance, adorned with gothic touches, and accessorized with futuristic flair. With a keen eye for combining pop culture trends with edgy detailing, Bubsy's fashion choices are a mesmerizing visual symphony that captivates his audience.


Step into Bubsy's world, where sonic landscapes paint vivid tales of a life lived on the edge. Embrace the metamorphosis of sound, where trap, hip-hop, EDM, and pop intertwine to create a harmonious rebellion. Join the legion of misfits, dreamers, and trendsetters as they listen to the rhythm of Bubsy's electrifying rebellion, where music meets fashion, and art transcends conventions.

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