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New Album Release


"Roads to Elsewhere" is an electrifying EDM album about self-discovery. Bubsy takes us on a sonic odyssey that transcends boundaries and norms, melding trap, hip hop, EDM, and pop. The album is a personal expression of the need to break free from self-criticism and predictable patterns that limit, and instead to be grateful, detached from specific outcomes, and hopeful about the future.

The album is an eclectic and hard-hitting collection of EDM music, beginning with empowering and soaring Future Bass and Housey tunes full of feels and naive love with “Lift Me Up” and “Everything To Me". The album then veers into angsty territory. Everyone has a unique experience of love and its challenges, but the songs "All of the S*** That You Do", "You Do You", and “Predictable” are written from the critical POV of someone who has reached their limit with the theatrics of their particular relationship. The album ends with “Haunted”, a backward-look over the shoulder, moving forward with a heavy head.

The next album will pick up the journey with the next stage, one full of independence, reclamation of power, and hard, driving, mean beats. Stay tuned!


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